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Our expertise is exemplified by our mission to live for high-quality and safe manufacturing. To have control at every step of the injection molding process, excellent engineering problem-solving capabilities and compliance to modern regulatory and quality standards.

About ODC Industries

At ODC Industries, we pride ourselves on being a medical device production facility with a commitment to delivering exceptional standards. From conception to completion, we are involved at every step of the manufacturing process to guarantee a final product that meets the high standards and performance qualities required for medical devices.

With experts in R&D, quality, manufacturing and engineering, ODC is the ideal partner to create, collaborate and innovate with.

“ODC Industries offers full support from product concept to manufacturing, but we pride ourselves on our ability to be flexible to support our customer’s needs.”



We provide a range of ophthalmic devices to the industry, from injector systems to milling machines. From every touchpoint, we can provide bespoke solutions to meet your needs and requirements.

IOL Injectors

We’ve developed 3 injector systems, ergonomically designed to meet the preferences and needs of the surgeon to perform cataract surgery with ease.


Our range of cartridges include butterfly, railed butterfly and flat-back loading and are compatible with most injectors on the market.


We also provide the individual injector components on a bulk purchase basis. This is a good option to reduce costs and requires the injector to be constructed by the customer. Our range of components includes body, plunger, cushion, spring and soft part. In addition to this, we also offer lens holders.

Milling Machines

The Ophtamill IOL Milling Machine can machine any type of intraocular lens from one device.